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We Interrupt This Program…

May 25, 2015
Your humble GM is out of action this weekend thanks to a particularly nasty late-season cold that just will not stop. Ahem. Barring any other unforeseen developments, the EoR will be back next week.

In the meantime, if you absolutely need a King Arthur Pendragon A-P fix this week, I direct your attention to this batch of files posted by +Shannon Mac, a fellow traveller in the realms of broadcasting RPG sessions into the aether.

I'll quote from Shannon's post to the KAP Google Plus community:

There are bits and pieces of sexual content within so beware. Our group tends to play for keeps. 

If you just want a taste of the 30+ hours and don't want to go through the whole thing I would recommend 490 AD for an epic yet deadly scope. Renee lost two characters in a short time and other players came close to dying but prevailed. 

The 491 A.D. duo has a good chunk of humor within, especially sexual. 

This is a new thing for all of us. I had to beg some of them to let me record the game at first but now they're on board but we're all new and exploring it with the little free time that we have in our lives. As a result there are no official sections for comments yet and the like but you can PM me if you want me to pass a message on to one of my players.

The link one more time. 

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