The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers

[Esoteric Short Order] Harlem Unbound: “The Contender—A Love Story” (Part I)

March 6, 2018


This month, a travel/illness-reduced crew is taking Darker Hue Studios' Harlem Unbound for a spin with the scenario "The Contender—A Love Story" by Bob Geis. The book is dual-statted for both Trail of Cthulhu and Call of Cthulhu; we opted for the latter system. The scenario is a slow-burn noir procedural that builds ever more to a truly unsettling climax, and we think you're going to really enjoy the ride.

In this first episode, "Sparring with the Champ," we meet our investigative duo and follow them to the Cotton Club, where they take a job from former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson to look into a mysterious death in the boxing ring.

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